This is a list of books, complied by Ian, for those who wish to read more about the topics covered in his own books and Film Classes.  Click the images to find out more about each book and to purchase a copy. You can find out about Ian's books here

and the
German Cinema

David Welch

Film Propaganda in
Britain and Nazi Germany

 Jo Fox

The Power of
Film Propaganda –
Myth or Reality

Nicholas Reeves

The British at War –
Cinema, State and Propaganda,

James Chapman

British War Films

S.P. Mackenzie

George Formby:
a troubled genius

David Bret

The Lubitsch Touch:
A critical study

Herman Weinberg


Ian Colvin

Hitler's Master Spy

Heinz Höhne

Operation Chariot:
The Raid on St. Nazaire

(Elite Forces
Operations Series)

Dam Busters:
The True Story of
the Inventors and Airmen
Who Led the Devastating Raid
to Smash the German Dams in 1943

James Holland

Ardennes 1944:
Hitler's Last Gamble

Antony Beevor